quarta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2008

Luiza Zamith sent us this video , Amelie Poulan´s trailer, the amazing French video about friendship and persitence.The girl of the movie is always trying to enrich life of those who are around her. Unforgettable the scene of her father and the travelling dwarf

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David disse...
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David disse...

In every stage of my life I grow more and more, and the year that I grew more was this one, for sure. I think, like any other person, I'm not prepared for the Vestibular, but thanks to the teachers, and to everyone in Maria Raythe, my choice is getting closer and closer of what I wish for my future.


abraço André.

do seu MELHOR ALUNO DAVID MAIA .. shauhsauhsauh


Mila disse...
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Mila disse...

I want to show a video: "Solar Filter" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOkZCop9CUE

There is a long time ago, ten years, I had a very bad experience. I lost my father. But the worst was knowing that it was for a disease, which if it had been more careful, none of this would have happened. It is the skin cancer kills!
Nobody believes huh? But you just have some experience very close to knowing what really is horrible losing a person for a disease so cruel that nobody believes.
The hole in the ozone layer increases with each day that passes, the sun gets stronger each day, but people still have the ignorance to be "queimadinha," and therefore not use the much overlooked Solar Filter.
Enjoy every moment of your life, but with responsibility. The campaigns are there: "If drinking, do not drive", "prevent breast cancer", "do not open paths for dengue", are many, and people listen, and do something to improve. But when something is talking about: "Use Solar filter," I get tired of listening: "- Ah, you that! I want to get burned this summer."
But it was a thought so vague, small, I lost a very important person in my life.
So every day I go to the beach, the pool, I move the solar filter, and I speak for all pass, because I want to who I really love to my side.
So people, is my message.
Begin to think bigger, to accept that the world is ever changing over, even if it is for better or for worse, but the expressura the layer of ozone increases every day, and a thought ignorant, you may lose their lives.
"But the Solar Filter, believe me"
- Camila Filippo

Matheus disse...

Hey André
What's up?

I don't speak English very well, but with the little I know I'm here trying to write something.

Let's go. I've arrived in the High School with fear of the tests, because I'm not a very good student and my friends told me that in the High School tests we need a good (interpretação). But in all over the year I've discovered that we just need attention on the classes and that the tests aren't a monster.

André, unfortunately this is what I can do.

Hugs from your student Matheus Tostes.

Pedro disse...

Never give up!!!!

Hello Guys; I was thinking about what to write. Finally I’ve found something. When I was a little child my parents said to me, that I should believe in my dreams. These words didn’t make any sense for a kid with five years.
The time has passed; I grow up and in 2006 I was in Walt Disney World, at the Magic Kingdom, when the show with Fireworks started. The song was “When you Wish upon a star”, I cried like a little boy. Everybody looked to me and started to laugh. But they didn’t know my parents’ words. The magic of theirs words. I remember every single second, until this day. After this moment I start to believe in me. Start to believe on my dreams. Nowadays I am so stronger, because I know some how, my dreams will come true.
One day Walt Disney said a famous sentence: “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” He always believed in his dreams. People should do this too, because if you don’t believe, who will do?
It’s just a little message with a great lesson. Let’s believe in ourselves, in ours dreams. In two years we will do an exam of our lives, which will decide our future.
After you read it and watched the video, stop and thinking about your life. Think in your dreams. What are you doing for they come true? Nothing?! It’s time to change, it’s time to fight for them come be true. Never give up, always continue believe. It’s my message. Thank you for read and good vacation for everyone. I will see you in the next year.

Wrote by Pedro Moreira.

Ps: Perdão Pelos Erros André, não estou muito inspirado hoje..

Abraços e até ano que vem! =]

Matheus Leal disse...
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Matheus Leal disse...

Well, I don't know still going to do in Holidays, but I intend to travel and to tan a good beach.
My life as student finished in this year 0//
Parties, Girls and Rock'n Roll.
Thanks Teacher Andre:You taught me English in another form.
Matheus Branco Leal =D

We will find next year...

__Miss Kah*** disse...

It's very dificult for me and all class to remember that in february there isn't anymore classes to participate and we will not have to wake up at 6 o'clock and put those gray clothes. Who had thougth that this moment would come so fast? I think nobody had. We lived so unforgettable moments in the school that I hope none of the classmates will forget them. This were the last year in school but I want to visit the school everytime and continue the friendships of my class and of the other grades.

I will miss every body
Caroline - 3001

Luciana disse...

I wanted to post something good, but then I saw: the last day to do it. The last work for school, the last exams, the last week in Maria Raythe. This was not an easy year and the end will be the hardest part, some on the final exams, the anxious for the classifications and the end of the class. Yes, no metter how often we're together again, will never be as the same way to learn, share ideas and feelings. This hurts a lot, but for now I just can wish good lucky and success for all.

I wanted to put Amelie Poulain trailler, but Luísa already did. So I use a sentence from the movie that means so much to me during the third year:
"So, my little Amélie, you don't have bones of glass. You can take life's knocks. If you let this chance pass, eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton."

Not so good, but I tried. ^^'

Free Hugs!

Dhiana disse...

Hey guys, what's up?

I suppose that everybody is happy because the classes are finishing and of course,the summer vacation is coming. We have to enjoy the vacation, take a break, go to the beach, share more time with friends and family,travel to be prepared for the next year. Why don't you go travel to a place that you have never seen before, you can try differents things, you know what? You should run away of the groove.

See you next year, and to my friends that will enter in the university, good luck and don't forget us.
Kisses, Dhiana Maia.

Jorge disse...

Hi Andre!
This year I thought about not being one of the best, but ended up!
To do the project of cultural chemistry motivated me to like even more of chemistry, and now is missing less than needed to make college entrance.
In my vocations wish to travel to relax a little, but not so right? I have to review the matter for next year...

That's all!

Hug your student and new friend!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

driiiн ** =D disse...

We are ending the high school and waiting the approval on a college.

Happiness comes in different ways and a good part of my happiness was constructed in Maria Raythe – the best friends, the most complicated situations and the biggest lessons learned.

Right now, although it seems to be sad, it’s time to say goodbye. Time has past so fast and left only memories.

Sometimes I think it was yesterday... Sometimes, I think those memories are from other person.

Our class neither was the friendliest nor the quietest, but I hope you don’t forget us!

I'll miss everyone I met in this school.
Kisses and bye-bye,
Dri (3001)

Pâmela disse...
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Pâmela disse...
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Pâmela disse...

It is on vacation that the best things happen...
The end of the year, you don't have anything else to worry about - school, work, tests...
you wake up at anytime you want, when it's sunny you stay all day long on the beach or in the pool. when it's raining.. taking a shower of it is the best thing to do. When you don't have anything to do, watching a movie with those special people turns to be great fun.
Going to the shopping mall with your friends... that unforgettable trip... that day that you don't sleep... or sleep at 6 am and wake up at 3 pm.
The parties... that day which you only want to sleep...
And when you see... it starts all over again.. the classes.. the works.. and you think: Ohh..Already?? it was soo fast... I want more vacation!
The best thing to do is enjoy, go out and have a lot of fun not to complain later!!!

Kisses André!

Pâmela - 1001

Renata disse...

Today I'm very happy.
Happy because today i can say that met my mission. My mission like student, classmate and teenager. I'm happy but i can't say that i'm not missing everything... is the last year in school, last days, last moments together... you were part of my life and will be part forever in my heart. I say good bye but not forever. i hope that we are together because you are in my memories forever.

"Now we finally realize who we are it just took some time. We had to live and to learn to see the truth that nothing's ever impossible.
Into the future we all free-fall
But forever we'll always have high school"

Thank you for all!
Kisses, Renata Martins :)

Philipe disse...
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Philipe disse...

"Each one that passes in our life, passes alone, therefore each person is only e none substitutes to another one. Each one that passes in our life passes alone, but it does not only go, nor it only leaves in them, takes a little of ourselves.There are that ones that left a lot,but there are that ones that had left nothing. This is the biggest responsibility of our life and evident test that we we will be always together, does not matter what it happens…"
Antoine de Saint-Exupêry

Well...That's it. I'll never forget anybody from this school.

Thanks for all, bye.

Philipe Marta Mourão know as PH. :)

Turma: 3001
Ano: 2008

katerine disse...
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katerine disse...

It's time to say goodbye! These three years was increible and passed soo fast that I already miss your classes and you. I learned not only english, but also life lessons.

Kisses, Kaká (3001)