domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

"I have a dream"

"Veja" has published this picture on the week a black president was elected in USA. We hope this photo becomes part of a past, in which men were jugded " by the colour of their skin not by the content of their character"

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thaisinha_trindade disse...

Hi teacher,

I would like to say this video you passed for us was very interesting.
And a sow another video in the same aspect.This was about the war between Jews and Arabs.It is a very emotive video,because the most people think this war was happing centuries and centuries,but did't.To tell the true this war started in the end of second war,first of all the principal reason was the persecution to the Jews in Europe, and this jews had run away for the engaged land,Jerusalém, because of that jews started expulsion in this area.However this topic is polemic and I think very interesting tell you somethig about. You should watch this video I don't remember the name but I think is JUDEUS X ÁRABES in youtube. So is this...

Bye bye teacher and good holyday


kisses Thaís

Fusion 5 disse...

Wath’s up??

In the photo above in the sample the racism that still prevails in the world. This craze of that the white and superior to the black and everything a nonsense, both are capable to carry through acts, and in this photo a water through for white that and pretty and good, I one for the black that nothing more and that a washbasin, that is, a cheap, bad thing robust.

Vlw teacher...byby

(Felipe Magalhães Santoro)

Marii disse...

Hi teacher!!

I think this year we "fought" a little,(hehe) but I think we are making a progress.. =)

On my vacation, I may travel to the US, to see my family. I'm very anxously for it. The first vacation that I'm not gonna be here..^^

I wish for everybody here a nice vacation and tests!!!

Obs: teacher, more patience in 2009!!

Kisses !!

Mariana Ferreira ^^

Luiz Ramone disse...

Well I don’t have much to say, then decided to talk about something I like: Anime. XD
How it all began:
With the occupation by the United States at the end of World War II, many Japanese artists had contact with Western culture, designers beginning their careers started to know the comics.
Some of these artists were Osamu Tezuka, Shotaro Ishinomori and Leij Matsumoto. In the 50's, several artists began to develop animations.
At the time of the Mangá reigned as the pioneering media anime born of success: Hyakujaden in October 1958.
But in 1967 is launched the first anime with great projection outside Japan, Speed Racer, which is highlighted by innovative scene of angles and lots of creativity in the stories.
I basically want to say this, anime is something that I like and I waste hours of my time. XD (André please give me a good note. *-*)

Free Hugs

By: Luiz Henrique
Class: 1001

Carol disse...

More than words we learned to apply every part of humanity than you teatch us in three years of tuition in English.
Going forward, the steps are still unknown, but the values that give structure will be interwoven in the meantime :
Living in 'modern times' with words of "Gentileza", know and live with real people than the 'crash' that we have the love over political values of illusory power and even learn to control a 'box of bees'.
Today we know that there are no super-men, but of values that people feel, make mistakes and even with every difficulty are able to move on with a smile.
Never stop smiling while there dreams...

Thank you.

Au revoir
Ana Carolina Machado Diniz

livianmaio disse...

Hi Andre,

I wanna say that I have learned this year more than English(I have tried to) I have learned about life and about people...I hope I can you friends , teachers and classmates.
I wanna say that I loved to be part of that class too.

Want to everybody get good in life!
Goodbye people!!!

Leticia disse...
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Leticia disse...

Hi everybody,

I think it was the best three years I could hope for me and my friends, the classes were great(in most time!), the teachers were kind to us, we made crazy thingsd too, funny things and funny way to see the world.
I loved the english classes..I've learned more and including the all famous if clauses lol
But most important I will miss you, people!!!!
I'll do for real.
I wanna keep all freinds near by.


Letícia Steenhagen.

paolla disse...
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paolla disse...

Hi teacher, how are you?

well, I have no idea what to write I remember I told you about a filme called "Across the Univerce". It's a good story and all the soundtrack is The Beatles's songs. Another recent news about this band is the play "Beatles em um céu de diamantes" althogh this is a record made in Brazil and all the players are brazilians but it has no one portuguese word, it don't have text, it just theirs song telling a story, it's wonderfull.
Good luck correcting the tests!!!
Good vacation!

Kisses Paolla FB