domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

Happy together

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Isinha. disse...

How you can be happy??
Some kind of people think that happiness is in the others, but they don't know what is the realy happiness.

Yeah, is true that the happiness is when you are near of the people that you like, your friends, your family and partners, you feel happier. But it doesn't mean that your happiness is just in that person, or if that person go away you will die. Everyone is independent of the others.

I think that the happiness is not in something concrete, that you can take and keep under lock and key. The happiness is abstract, is in yourself, in your heart, in your soul. Nobody can take out of you. Is the power of the soul, when you are sad the people can hurt you easier. But when you are happy nothing can reach you, you are better and untouchable.

The only way that you can be happy, is let the wind leave your soul and don't let nothing down you.

"Don't worry, Be happy!"


Matheus disse...

Hi teacher!
I am here to thank all you taught me this year, each note was the most important. His classes were excellent, full of culture. Each story told, each time funny .. Finally, everything was very good. I'm sure I could change a lot, and I am happy for that. I hope that in 2009 we have another year with pleasant experience. A big hug!

Felipe Valdés 1001